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Our leading agricultural network enables us to build lasting relationships with the producers we purchase grain from.

By partnering with us, US farmers gain access to our grain facilities and reliable merchandisers across the nation.

Not only do farmers have access to more than 100 local grain elevators, they are also connected to global agriculture destination markets, allowing us to handle more than a billion bushels of grain per year.

To properly navigate today’s complex global supply chain, producers need to create unique grain marketing strategies to reach their farm operation’s financial goals. Our grain marketing professionals’ can provide insights into cash bid prices, changes in basis, storage options, and even managed contracts.

Producers we partner with

We purchase corn for ethanol and feed products, and more, keeping traceability protocols top-of-mind.
As a consistent grain partner, US farmers deliver soybeans to us for eventual use in pet food, livestock feed and more.
We source our wheat directly from producers to assure a consistent supply in both bulk and containers wherever possible.

But it doesn't stop there.

As an industry leader, we align our values to deliver superior ag service by:

  • Collaborating with a variety of US farmers and helping with solutions that are localized to their area
  • Operating from a standpoint of integrity and consistency to build successful partnerships that last
  • Empowering our merchandisers to support their customers as their reliable ag partner
  • Working efficiently to maximize producers’ time and help find a solution that meets their commodity needs

Viterra US values are the pillars of our agriculture business. Learn more about our core ag foundation on our brand statements and values page.

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Viterra grain contracts

To meet the grain marketing needs of farmers everywhere, we provide a variety of grain commodity contracts, such as:

  • Cash contracts
  • Managed contracts
  • Structured product contracts

Producers can create personalized grain marketing strategies and discover the program that helps achieve their target price by choosing one of our grain contracts. Find the one that compliments your farming operation.

Viterra Grain Contracts

Find the personalized grain marketing strategy that compliments your farming operation.

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Farmer analyzing his corn.
Farmer analyzing his corn.
Grain marketing

Step up your grain marketing strategy by discovering your production break-even and risk mitigation plan. Partner with a professional.

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Farmer and grain merchandiser meeting in a wheat field to determine future trading.
Farmer and grain merchandiser meeting in a wheat field to determine future trading.
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